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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hey guys, here are some updates on the special editions we'll be printing of the albums.

11bit - Abandoned Functional Human Factory -- 3 extra songs (Dust% v2, Dustx v2, Theorem 0005)

Achromaticcold - Lungless -- The album will include the entire "Transcedental Dispel of Spirit" live EP.

akaaka - Life≤ -- The album will include the entire "Nights Nothings Again" EP.

akaaka - A single copy of the original 2010 print of "Anatomy" will be available.

Dente de Zorru - The album will contain 4 extra stupidly awesome songs.

I'm going to be updating later on with more special editions, including new songs for a few of the artists. Also, I'm still working on getting the shipping costs sorted out.

Vereor Nox.

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