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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Update #2

So, a small delay, but I'm bringing you the second update.

But before I go into the info stuff, just wanted to say that we're already shipping the first copies! If you have already requested your copies, remember to email me again so we can paypal the shipping costs and have the albums delivered to you.

Here are some of the bonus stuff that will be included:

Stjerneheimen - Grand Mountains will include a few tracks from I and the newest release, II.

Achromatic Cold -  A special, anniversary edition of Despair will include 2 new songs. This will be available from 08/10 (dd/mm) on. But don't worry, if you request this album and want to wait for the special edition, you don't risk having the other stuff you requested run out of stock. We will reserve your copies up until 11/10.

Now, about the shipping costs (which will be paid via Paypal):

Region 1&2 (South America) -- U$8
Region 3 (USA, Canada, etc) -- U$ 11
Region 4 (Germany, England, France, etc) -- U$12
Region 5 (Japan, Australia, Korea, etc) -- U$15

We can ship up to 4 albums per package.

If you are unsure about which region you country belongs to, don't be afraid to email me.

If you live in Brazil, the prices are cheaper and depend on your city/state. Just email me for more info.

As always, please bear in mind that we have a very limited stock.

Contact me at

Have a great weekend!