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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello my friends,

Velvet Blue Records is proud to announce that we'll be re-releasing physical copies of our albums.

They'll be available on 30/09/2013 (dd/mm/yyyy), and we will be taking orders starting on 25/09.

Keep in mind, it's going to be a limited stock, and we're most likely* releasing a limited edition of some of the albums with bonus content

Every copy will be carefully crafted by hand, and the price will remain $0,00. We can't, however, provide the shipping costs*. So, if you're going to making an order, make sure to have a paypal account.

More info will be available to you on 21/09.


Have a good day.

Oh, and we'll also have our catalog re-uploaded. For now, you can find our discs on Soulseek or
(*check back on 21/09).

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